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March 26th Update: I hope you are at home, safe and sound with your loved ones. It feels like we’re living in a time warp these days with each new day bringing more changes and challenges. We will definitely NOT be opening on March 30th, and we strongly suspect LCPS will not open on April 6th as originally planned - however, that, too, could change in a few days. Throughout this isolation in place, we know we must work hard to keep our community together and continue to do good things for our kids. Last week we shared that we were planning for the long haul with budgeting and planning. We are working diligently to keep our staff and coaches afloat so that they are able to weather this storm. They are the backbone of our business, and without students in class, their livelihoods typically disappear. We have heard from numerous parents, asking what they can do to help us through this difficult time to ensure that we are able to reopen when the time comes. After much thought, we have come up with three options which will help the gym and which, we hope, offers those that can help an option. View Full Message for Future Enrollment Options‚Äč

March 19th Update: This is Nancy Bates, founder of Gym Magic. I hope this email finds you and your family in good health during these unprecedented times. Everyone in our Gym Magic family remains healthy, but wishing they were at work. The last seven days have been surreal. Gym Magic has never been totally closed for seven straight days, ever.  We have a very real health threat that will affect most everyone in one way or another before it is over. Many small businesses like ours will not be able to re-open once this threat is over. That is just not an option for us!  We will begin sanitizing the gym next week (long enough for any virus to die off of our surfaces). This promise is to you, your children, our amazing Gym Magic staff of 50 and our community: Gym Magic will weather this storm and come back strong! View Full Message‚Äč

Welcome to Ashley's Garden

Learning and the ‘process of learning’ are the foundations of our program. Learning and movement are close companions, and as such, Ashley’s Garden is passionate about movement and ‘play’. Play conjures up adventure and exploration, imagination and FUN. Current research demonstrate that play is an important component of learning - that play actually promotes learning. “Play is the major way by which the creative intelligences and capacities of the child develops,” states Joseph Chilton Pearce. We believe success is learned and can, therefore, be taught. Teaching success naturally emerges when a child is engaged in activity and play which build in a progressive manner, allowing the child small successes along the way that build one upon the other. This allows the confidence of the child to grow and develop, which in turn builds a positive attitude about learning and one’s abilities. The hope of every parent is to have happy, successful children, and we believe we can assist in this great endeavor!

Enrollment Announcement

February 3, 2020 we will begin accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year— Early PreK (3 year olds) and PreK (4 year olds).  Children must be age appropriate  by September 1. This program is free to eligible families and provides breakfast, lunch, and snack. Program hours are Monday- Friday 8:30 am to 2:00 pm. An additional wrap around program is available (Little Campers — 2:00 pm  to 5:30 pm Monday-Friday.




General Information

We are passionate about young children and it shows! Our children (and grandchildren) are more precious to each of us than anything we will ever have, own or do. This understanding guides our program and decisions. We love play and playful activities because we know this is how children learn naturally.

Parent Information

Ashley’s Garden’s teachers and administrators are bright, creative, caring adults. They are responsible for the warm, inviting environment in Ashley’s Garden. Their passion is teaching, and they love the challenge that developing young minds present. They function as a team with each bringing their unique talents and abilities to the Ashley’s Garden family.

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