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Learning and the ‘process of learning’ are the foundations of our program. Learning and movement are close companions, and as such, Ashley’s Garden is passionate about movement and ‘play’. Play conjures up adventure and exploration, imagination and FUN. Current research demonstrate that play is an important component of learning - that play actually promotes learning. “Play is the major way by which the creative intelligences and capacities of the child develops,” states Joseph Chilton Pearce. We believe success is learned and can, therefore, be taught. Teaching success naturally emerges when a child is engaged in activity and play which build in a progressive manner, allowing the child small successes along the way that build one upon the other. This allows the confidence of the child to grow and develop, which in turn builds a positive attitude about learning and one’s abilities. The hope of every parent is to have happy, successful children, and we believe we can assist in this great endeavor!

Enrollment Announcement

We are accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year— Early PreK (3 year olds) and PreK (4 year olds).  Children must be age-appropriate  by September 1. This program is free to eligible families and provides breakfast, lunch, and snack. Program hours are Monday- Friday 8:15 am to 2:15 pm. An additional wrap around program is available (Little Campers — 2:00 pm  to 5:30 pm Monday-Friday.





Jumpstart is a special Summer Program for children who will begin Kindergarten this August. Our program will mix FUN with KINDERGARTEN READINESS! What does this mean? We specialize in preparing young students for academic success, but we know kids learn best when they are having fun! Our unique program is Montessori-based with a strong emphasis on discovery and exploration as we want our students to become lifelong learners. For our Summer Jumpstart Program, we will offer a strong emphasis on literacy, math and science. And with our new preschool gym, our students will have plenty of opportunities to run and play inside, out of the summer heat. Lessons will be linked to the Early Learning Guidelines and Kindergarten Essential Indicators. Call 575.523.1616 for more information.

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General Information

We are passionate about young children and it shows! Our children (and grandchildren) are more precious to each of us than anything we will ever have, own or do. This understanding guides our program and decisions. We love play and playful activities because we know this is how children learn naturally.

Parent Information

Ashley’s Garden’s teachers and administrators are bright, creative, caring adults. They are responsible for the warm, inviting environment in Ashley’s Garden. Their passion is teaching, and they love the challenge that developing young minds present. They function as a team with each bringing their unique talents and abilities to the Ashley’s Garden family.

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