Ashley's Garden Curriculum

The Montessori-based curriculum for Ashley’s Garden has a theme-based format with emphasis on learning through play and the development of a positive learning attitude, which leads to the development of academic skills. All programs are research-based and continuously evaluated ensuring the needs of the student population are being met. As suggested by the State of New Mexico Pre-K programs, children are observed and documented in achievement of Physical Development, Health and Well-Being, (fine and gross motor skills), Literacy (language/listening–receptive and expressive), Numeracy and Spatial Relations (cognition skills), Aesthetic Creativity (creative activities), Scientific Conceptual Understandings (exploration/investigation), Self, Family and Community (self-help and social skills) and Approaches to Learning (creativity and imagination). Every child and their family deserve equitable access to appropriate services that enable them to reach their full potential. Therefore, assessment of children’s needs is an ongoing process of collecting information from multiple sources using varied approaches and is used to plan lessons, modify curricula and address individual needs of children. All children are screened for vision, dental and speech by collaborating Las Cruces agencies during the month of October and at no cost to families. Staff members develop a portfolio for every student which contains individualized short and long term goals established through screenings and IMAS. Additional student goals/objectives are identified and goal attainment is recorded using a daily observational system with rubric analysis for simple to complex task completion in the seven basic areas designated by New Mexico Pre-K. 

Our preschool curriculum has been designed to encourage creative and cognitive thinking skills in children through the use of music, art and projects. Built into the curriculum are social skills, problem solving and exploration to enhance appropriate behavior in children. Children are encouraged to be independent thinkers and learners. Working on projects, responding to relevant questions, listening, using creative movements and art projects allows children to explore and discover the world of math, reading, science, and literature. 

Gym Magic and Ashley’s Garden have been privileged to host New Mexico’s first workshops on S’cool Moves™, an integrative movement program designed to enhance learning. S’cool Moves™ was created through the collaboration of reading specialist, Deb Wilson, and occupational therapist, Margot Heiniger-White. S’cool Moves™ has become a part of each day at Ashley’s Garden as music, posters, songs and movement are used to focus, change energy levels, develop gross motor skills, develop eye-hand coordination or improve auditory/visual perceptions. It’s a fun way to make sure the foundations of learning are in place!

S'cool Moves Integration

We utilize S’cool Moves, an integrated movement program designed to improve sensory processing. S’cool Moves improves the ease of learning and helps one learn to calm themselves and establish better focus. We also use Zoo-phonics, a multi-sensory approach to phonics which adds fun to phonics

We have one of the greatest opportunities to start young kids off on the right foot (and the left foot) for a life-long pursuit of learning! Students in Ashley’s Garden have the advantage of over 24,000 square feet of indoor space dedicated wholly to children’s activities. An exceptional preschool gymnastics studio is housed upstairs, which highlights Speith Andersen Just For Kids preschool equipment. We believe, and current research supports, that an academic curriculum combined with special physical activities leads to a healthy, well-balanced child.

Our highly qualified staff members have written professional development plans in order to meet the overall goals of our organization as set forth in our mission statement. These plans focus on continuing staff development in early childhood programs and first aid techniques. Staff members are encouraged to take steps to complete necessary annual trainings and are also encouraged to join appropriate associations and maintain affiliations with those associations as a means to keep abreast of new techniques and information. Each staff member has completed the necessary background and finger print checks through the Department of Children, Youth, and Families.

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